Current Affairs-07 July 2023 (SCO, Tomato etc)

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South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Championship – Current Affairs

SAFF Championship Final – 2023

Recently, India won the SAFF championship by defeating Kuwait in the finals held in Bengaluru, India. The win becomes more important when we look at the last match between India and Kuwait where India faced a humiliating defeat of 1-9 from Kuwait. India has also defeated Pakistan in the league matches of the same league.

SAFF is one of the five sub-federation under the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). The SAFF Championship was started in 1997 by the founding members of SAFF (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka and Maldives). It is the successor of the SAARC Gold Cup which was started in the year 1993. Earlier, Afghanistan was also a member of it before joining Central Asian Football Association (CAFA).

The headquarters of the SAFF is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Also, Kuwait and Lebonon were the two new teams that were introduced in the SAFF Championship, 2023 despite being outside South Asia. With regards to India, It has reached at least in finals of all 14 editions of the league except the 2023 one. Moreover, India has won 9 out of 14 editions.

This win is all the more important of the fact that the number of teams participating in the FIFA world cup has increased enormously. The top 8 teams from Asia will be picked up to participate in the FIFA world cup. If India can manage to get into the top 8 of Asia and maintain the same position in the world cup qualifiers, then we can see India at the next FIFA world cup. This would be a big impetus to Indian football. Fingers crossed!

Muslim World League (MWL) – Current Affairs

General Secretary of the MWL Muhammad Bin Abdul Karim Issa is scheduled to visit India at various places like Delhi, Agra etc. in the wake of the Uniform Civil Code turmoil in India. Issa who teaches moderate and progressive Islam around the world is seen as pro-reform. He is keen to highlight the inclusive and tolerant nature of Islam in countries. This might help in including the Muslim community in an all-inclusive UCC or related legislation.

Muslim World League is a non-governmental organisation based in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is based on moderate Islam around the world and teaches developmental and progressive features of Islam.

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) – Current Affairs

Shanghai corporation organisation (SCO) was started by Shanghai Five with founding members as Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan. Later, It was renamed SCO when Uzbekistan was granted entry into the SCO in 2001. India was proposed by Russia to Join the SCO in 2017. Russia was thinking to counter the Chinese influence in the. In the same manner, China introduced Pakistan SCO to counter India in the same year.

Last year, Iran was inducted as the latest member of the group. The only central Asian country which is not a member of SCO is Turkeministan. However, most of the Central Asian elite is under Chinese influence. Still, the ground-level people are against the influence of China in the region leading to protests against China in some of the central Asian countries. Moreover, Belarus is early waiting to acquire the membership of the SCO.

Central Asia is one of the most critical regions for India ranging from crude, rare earth elements, trade, nuclear material and other perspectives. Pakistan has been the only reason for the compromise in the relations between India and the Central Asian countries as Pakistan gives direct access to Central Asian countries.

Hence, the SCO remains a major platform where India can collaborate with central Asian countries and establish good ties with and between them. This would prevent China and other countries to occupy the vacuum created in the region after the weakening of the Russian influence. Moreover, SCO will be an important platform for collaborating on the Afghanistan issue which is an immediate neighbour of India and negate the threats regarding the same.

SCO Summit – 2023

SCO Summit 2023 was held in India and was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President XI Jinping as well as Pakistani PM Shehbaz Sharif. The summit ended with the New Delhi Declaration whereas the last meeting ended with the Samarqand Declaration. Moreover, the leaders summit was hosted by India for the first time in the history of SCO.

In the New Delhi Declaration, India refused to sign the Belt and Road Initiative of China as India has been continuously opposing the Chia Pakistan Economic Corridor – CPEC. CPEC passes through the Gilgit Baltistan area of Pak-occupied Kashmir which India claims to be a part of its territory. Hence, the CPEC is an infringement upon the territorial sovereignty and integrity of the Indian Territory.

India also did not sign the SCO Economic Development Strategy. According to experts, the strategy is having pro-china tilt. On the issue of terrorism, India was in a similar mood as of the Samarqand declaration, however, India preferred to use the word ‘chauvinism’ instead of ‘ultranationalism’.

India advocated for a coordinative and cohesive effort by the international community to counter terrorism. Like the previous conference, there was no mention of the Russia-Ukraine war and the declaration asked to resolve the disagreement between the parties through dialogue and discussion. The word ‘Conflict’ was replaced by the word ‘disagreements’.

Key Highlights of the SCO Summit – 2023

MEA Jaishankar claimed Pakistan’s foreign minister Asif Ali Zardari a ‘promoter, justified and spokesperson’ of terrorism. Moreover, India criticized both China and Pakistan for their stand on terrorism. China has recently blocked a proposal by India and the United States to designate the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist Sajid Mir as a global terrorist. India also highlighted the use of terrorism as a state policy by Islamabad.

Pakistan has asserted that the issue of terrorism must be fought with full might by all the parties. Moreover, it highlighted the issue of minorities in India as a part of their speech. It also gave reference to the UN convention about solving border disputes. China on the other hand asked for ‘cooperation instead of competition’. It also gave a signal towards the US and the West to stop interfering in the countries internal affairs. In the same regard, it referred to the colour revolution in Central Asian countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his gratitude to all the member countries for showing their faith in the Russian leader who upheld constitutional values after the Wagner group mutiny. Earlier, Putin called up Mr Modi to thank him for his faith in his leadership. The Russian President also called Ukraine a hostile neighbour and accused the West of implanting a neo-nazi ideology project in the Donbas region with the help of Ukraine.

Significance of SCO

India was invited to join SCO by Russia to counter the Chinese influence. Even though India is facing challenges from China and Pakistan in the group, the group is not entitled to discuss the bilateral issues. However, bilateral issues pop up in any group. India enjoys a harmonious relationship with Russia, Central Asian Countries and Iran and India should be keen to consolidate upon the same.

The SCO is most vital with regard to the relation with the central Asian nations. India lacks connectivity to Central Asian nations and hence, it becomes more important to have a platform where Central Asian countries and India can collaborate and discuss the issues as India and Central Asian countries are having historic and contemporary ties.

with regard to Russia India has reaffirmed its strategic autonomy in the New Delhi Declaration and bilateral relationship. India Russia Relationship is time-tested. However, the recent deal with the US was seen as a lukewarm effort by India to join the pro-US alliance. However, being on the same platform as Russia India has reaffirmed its strategic autom=nomy which strikes a balance between the US and Russia.

Most importantly, Afghanistan affects the territories of all the members of the SCO especially Central Asian Countries and India. Thus, the threat emerging from Afghanistan can be countered with the collaborative action of all the members of the SCO. Taliban has also influenced the Uighur Muslim population of China and Tehrik-e-Taliban has been launching successful strikes on the Pak-Afghanistan Border.

Price Rise in Tomato – Current Affairs

Tomato prices have been shooted up to Rupees 100 per kg in the market due to the lack of stock and inventory as well as the lack of supply. Tomato is a Rabi (grown in parts of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh etc. ) as well as a Kharif Crop (grown in Uttar Pradesh, Maharastra etc.). Also, there is no MSP for tomatoes.

The price rise has been observed due to the panic sale in earlier months of 2023 by the tomato farmers due to leaf curl virus and the cucumber virus which infected the tomato crop. The price crashed in between and now the prices have gone up enormously due to a shortfall in the supply of the rabi crop and the kharif crop has not come up yet in the markets.


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