“Strengthening Ties: The Dynamic Tapestry of India-France Relations”

In the intricate tapestry of global diplomacy, the relationship between India and France emerges as a dynamic and multifaceted alliance. Spanning diverse sectors such as trade, defence, culture, and technology, the Indo-French connection is marked by a rich history and a commitment to shared values. As we delve into the depths of this strategic partnership, … Read more

Unraveling the Complex Threads: The Recent Israel-Hamas Conflict in Gaza Strip

The Israel-Hamas conflict in the Gaza Strip has once again thrust the troubled region. This enduring conflict, marked by a history of violence and political tension, recently erupted into a series of intense clashes, leaving a trail of destruction and human suffering. Understanding the roots and dynamics of this conflict is crucial for navigating the … Read more

The City of Dreams – A short story

‘Idiot, why are you always lost in fantasies, can’t you focus on the instructions’ shouted the sales instructor who was wrathfully gazing at Sahil. Sahil a graduate of SCBC College, Murshidabad was heavily disgusted with the job of a sales representative at ABC Sales Ltd., Noida. Though he was receiving decent wages, he was helpless … Read more

Peace in War – A short story.

‘This has choked again. The chitchat guns are the worst in the world. Even dogs bark louder than these guns.’ Looking at my paralyzed gun I ordered a dozen INSAS through my field telephone. I was at the Fazilka border with my 550 men enjoying a dominant fight over a bunch of 100 soldiers. The … Read more

Current Affairs-10 July 2023 (Wheat,EVs,Rain)

Current Affairs is vital for our daily understanding of topics and comprehensive knowledge. Also, It increases our sensitivity to contemporary issues. We at newsviraldaily.com are keen to increase your knowledge of current affairs and related issues. PBW RS 1 Wheat – Current Affairs PBW Starch Resistant (RS) 1 wheat has been developed by the Ludhiyana-based … Read more

United Nations – Reforms and UNSC and other measures

Recently, Indian Permanent Representative to United Nations Ruchira Khamboj took a dig at the Intergovernmental Negotiations Framework (IGN) and said that IGN could continue for another 75 years without reaching any consensus. Moreover, India stands out that the United Nations Security Council lacks inclusivity, so UNSC reforms are required. Representation to UNSC has been a … Read more

G-7 – Summit,Issues,India,Importance

The 49th meeting of G-7 was held in Hiroshima, Japan. Countries like India and Australia were also invited to the summit. Moreover, India gave a 10-point action plan to address health, food etc. The meeting assumed an essential role in the wake of recent geopolitical events. What is G-7? It is a leading group of … Read more