The City of Dreams – A short story

‘Idiot, why are you always lost in fantasies, can’t you focus on the instructions’ shouted the sales instructor who was wrathfully gazing at Sahil. Sahil a graduate of SCBC College, Murshidabad was heavily disgusted with the job of a sales representative at ABC Sales Ltd., Noida. Though he was receiving decent wages, he was helpless with what he wanted to do. He somehow managed to find a rented residence at the Poorvanchal Apartments but couldn’t enjoy his time due to his busy schedule. One needs to be on his toes while working in sales. All the work was forced upon his creative desires which knew no limits.

He would imagine everything in the daylight ranging from cars, bungalows, money, music and even erotic stimulation. He was obsessed with his imagination. It gave him freedom and dreams. Perhaps, it was the imagination of achieving his goals, not the actual achievement that kept him driving. He once dreamt about a job which would fetch him money And now he has it. But the present scared him. His mind was far away from
the job he had. He was unable to find the right balance between the present and the future.’Sahil, I was teaching prospecting. If you miss these lessons, you won’t last even a week at ABC. Learn to be in the moment.’ Sahil immediately apologised for his unavailability in the class.

He then promised himself to pay keen attention to every parcel of the class. He started listening closely. He was enjoying prospecting. He was able to find a rhythm with the tutorial. Suddenly someone from his right interrupted him. It was Govind. He whispered towards Sahil ‘at what time the training will end.’ Sahil who was extensively engaged in the lecture got his attention diverted and answered with an intentional compassion ‘It would end at 5 PM.’ He was extremely annoyed by the interruption and could no longer focus on the instructions. After all the puzzles, his shift ended at 5. Alas, he could breathe now.

He then went to the parking lot and was about to kick the bike. Suddenly, His phone rang with the default ringtone he never bothered to change. It was his mom on the line.¬† ‘pls bring a packet of tamarind powder. I forgot to bring it from the big bazaar.’ ‘Oh gosh! Another task.’ He was fed up with the tasks which were assigned to him daily. Office, home and everything was full of work and no play. ‘Should an MBA be assigned household chores.’ He questioned himself. He was underwhelmed by the kind of task he was assigned. He has imagined his life not as a crook but as the saviour of Gotham City. He could no longer be the man of his Imagination.

He was in an unknown guilt of his fantasies. It was his imagination that acted as a light which would often mislead him. After Starting the bike his conscience led him to a grocery store. He asked for a packet of tamarind powder and got it billed. After coming down the stairs, he went to a choke and asked for a cigarette and a cup of tea. ‘I don’t want advance, give me Davidoff today’ Sahil considered Davidoff a cigarette of an elite school. He used to feel advanced when he was in his last year of college. Well! He never liked being rich but the idea of being rich was. He lit up his cigarette and started sipping the tea. Every smoke particle entering his lungs gave him instant relief and a sense of superiority. He felt like a badass Bollywood star. He was in some sort of relief now.

‘Idiot, why are you always lost in fantasies, can’t you focus on the instructions’ the khokha owner abruptly scolded his child. The child has spilt the tea in his hand. The child seemed like 6 years old and he was helping his mother with her business. The mother was annoyed with his mischievous behaviour. Sahil unintentionally became engaged in the conversation between his mom and his son. The mother kept scolding the child and questioned him, ‘What do you get from your stupid imagination.’

The child thought for a second and replied looking at Sahil,
‘Fantasies give me dreams.’

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